Checocho for dinner

So last Thursday I met up with some friends from First Thursday Book Club at Café Checocho. No, it wasn’t the first Thursday of the month, but we were planning the new website and Facebook page for our lovely club (details when they’re up and running).

Delicious Noms

We normally meet at the wonderful Three Monkeys (a separate post will be saved for that!) but decided to try some different places. I had suggested Checocho as during the evenings, a different chef comes in and cooks traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean food, including LOTS of lovely vegetarian and vegan food.

You can order dishes a la carte, but for the best value and a chance to try everything, ordering a platter for two (pictured) is a great idea and was about $27. All dishes come served with injara (a flatbread a little like a spongy crepe) and Joe, a super cool First Thursday clubber, kindly bought us the platter, which contained spinach, turmeric potatoes, beetroot, thick yellow dahl with chickpeas, thin yellow dahl (in the bowl) and tomato-ey red lentil dahl (which is in the centre). Everything was delicious with a clean taste I wasn’t expecting. I thought that there would be a lot of oil, but the focus was on the flavours of the vegetables and spices. The serves don’t look huge when shared between two, but it was very filling and we didn’t finish it all.

You know you want it

I would definitely go back and was pleasantly surprised as Checocho during the day is (amazing) regular café fare. For under $14 per person, it was good food for a good price.

Get it into you!

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