So I have two weeks holiday from work and have a whole big list of things to do and see and eat during that time. I love holidays when you also get good weather! September in Brisbane is often the start of rain, but we’ve had a dry winter that has led to perfect weekends, good layering weather and the chance to get out and about.

I went out with some of my lovely ladies last night to celebrate being together again after long absences (one of us was studying in Oxford. THE Oxford). I have lots of information to follow soon.

Customs House

I have a fair bit of work to do over the holiday, but I also can’t wait to see Brisbane during the day- something I miss often as I work in the ‘burbs. One of the things I hope to do is attend Brisbane Open House, where many buildings (this year over 51) are open to the public and some even hold tours. You get to see Brisbane from a whole new perspective (literally and figuratively).

National Australia Bank

I can’t wait to see some of Brisbane’s more historic buildings (although you can go upstairs in some corporate skyscrapers as well) like Customs House and the National Australia Bank. I think I’ll choose a few at random as well as see how it goes.

Good thing I’m not afraid of heights!

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