We hadn’t seen some lovely friends of ours in forever, so when we were invited to have dinner and drinks with them last night for Riverfire (a huge city party with fireworks synchronized in three places, helicopters and fighter jets, music and food), we couldn’t say no.

Oh yeah. They live on a boat. On the river (as opposed to all those skyscraper boats).






We muddled our way across town, avoiding first the Southbank fenced off area, which had security guards checking bags for alcohol (and we had beer), then taking the long way around the City Gardens via QUT because the river path had been closed off due to Parklife festival. We were rowed out to our friends boat and, after finding our sea legs, settled down for an amazing night with a perfect view.




At 7pm, the fireworks started. We were positioned perfectly to see everything. I’m not usually a big fireworks fan, but I was totally in awe of the beauty and fun of the fireworks this year. Normally, there are people lining the banks of the City Gardens (you can see the bank empty in the photo above with my friend rowing back to shore) but because of Parklife, it was quite quiet. You know, except for the fireworks noise. You could feel the rumble easily on the water.



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