So Ben and I wanted to go out on a dinner date last night *blushes* and thought we’d go to Thai Patcharin as we’ve gone there for take away before. I’m going to clumsily foreshadow my conclusion and confess from the start that while it certainly wasn’t bad, I was surprisingly underwhelmed.

It’s hard to describe how I feel about Thai Patcharin now. We had gone three or four times for take away and always been very pleased, but we found, perhaps through our new dish choices, that eating in wasn’t our thing. Ben often gets the vege laksa and I get pad thai with no egg (I know, we have startlingly interesting taste) but this time we went a bit different and so Ben ordered the Tom Yum vege soup and I tried the Pad Pak with tofu. We ordered the curry puffs for starters, which are like samosas with no peas. We were a bit disappointed that there were no options- veg or non veg- that weren’t deep fried for entrees. The Por Pia Pak, which are a little like money bags in presentation, were also fried. No healthy veg options for starters!

The service was speedy and we had no problems with the order, but overall we were left a bit cold. The starter was pleasant and had good flavours ($5.90). Ben said he could taste mostly fish sauce with his soup ($5.90), which is to be expected really considering it’s a Thai restaurant and he didn’t ask about leaving it out. I found my Pad Pak bland ($11.50). It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t old, it was just… bland. We ordered rice with our dishes (that’s the awesome plastic trophy bowl in the background of Ben’s soup!) but I wish we’d ordered the coconut rice to add some flavour and, in my case, moisture, as the sauce didn’t stretch far. My tofu was good and saved the dish, but the veggies were a little undercooked for my liking.

I think this is the kind of place where it would be good to:
a) Forget about the healthy option and embrace the coconut
b) Stick to stronger flavours
c) Order my usual (for this place) Pad Thai.

So I’m not sure overall. Nothing was BAD- service, speed, price and range are good. We just didn’t like the execution this time. We’ll stick to our high fat, high flavour take away options.

Thai Patcharin on Urbanspoon

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