I really wanted to call this post “Cup Size” but just couldn’t figure out the right pun, dammit.
Oh well.

So the point is, I went to Cup, which is a fairly recent addition to West End’s coffee scene.

Espresso Man will devour us all!

Foreground: Iced Latte; Background: Latte













I can’t remember the exact blend they’re using at the moment, except I think it’s a 50/50 blend with one of them being Ecuadorian, but these (gorgeous and friendly) passionate guys roast their own beans, they’ve recently moved their roasting to Wooloongabba because they needed bigger premises and get in new beans every two months. And have a weekly blend. Lovely. As soon as I showed an interest in their beans (hehehe. Re-reading this, it looks kind of sus…), both of the baristas were chatting happily and knowledgeably about their practices and blends. They do aeropress coffees as well, and if you order soy (.50) you get Bonsoy, which is pretty freaking awesome. We paid $9 for the two coffees shown, but received no less attention than anyone else because we were only having drinks. The blend was quite a bitter, refreshing taste- bitter because it was meant to be bitter, not bitter you burnt my shot you bastards, and suited the warm day well. I was really taken by the huge wall art, whom I named Espresso Man. you can hide inside or glam it up at the outdoor seating area on the street (guess where we sat?). They have a short but savvy-looking menu with an avo toast, which means I will of course be back to try it out.

The Verdict? West End Coffee House might serve Campos coffee, but Cup has more seating and lovely staff. And a dern gud coffee too.

Cup Coffee on Urbanspoon

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