Ginga- Little Stanley Street

So I’ve been to Ginga twice now (there are two at Southbank, one next to the cinema which does fusion and sushi train, and the Little Stanley Street one, opposite the parklands). Both times have been lovely. I go when I’m at Southbank and I want to cram my face full of noodles. That’s a good enough reason, surely? The vegetarian options there aren’t as appallingly priced as other parts of Southbank ($20 for any noodle or rice based veggie dish is terrible!). Both times I’ve been there I’ve had the vegetable Yaki Soba ($13.90). This is a yummy, stuff in your face dish that isn’t served with egg, so if you’re careful about asking about the sauces, it could easily be vegan. First time I went, my friend got beef something (I never pay attention to non-vego dishes 😉 ) and we shared edamame ($6.90?). Goooood edamame. This time, my other friend got chicken something and veggie gyoza ($6-8 I think). I didn’t try the gyoza but they were really tiny and cute with a dipping sauce and were reportedly nice. It’s nice to find somewhere that had veggie gyoza at all, so many have pork!


Southbank experiences vary hugely between days and group size- I’ve only been there on quiet nights with one other person. I avoid eating out at Southbank on Friday/Saturday nights at all unless someone else has organised something. The quality of service in many restaurants has been (reportedly and from experience) compromised by over-stretched staff and large groups. Remember that Boundary Street (busy), Hardgrave Road (moderately busy) and (I’m discovering) Gladstone Road (quiet and only 5-10 mins walk from Southbank) have nearby options to try.

Ginga was great, and a chocolate parlour has opened up next door. This is never a bad thing. Florentines are never a bad thing.

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