Spring Hill Deli and Produce

So I had a lovely brekkie for a friend’s going away send-off at Spring Hill Deli and Produce. As you walk in, gourmet grocery goodies greet you, many of which feature in their café menu (hot chocolate spoon, anyone?). The atmosphere here is really lovely: homey, fresh, oozing quality. People were here for good food, and with home baked goodies and lots of locally sourced produce I think Spring Hill Deli and Produce delivered.

Fresh flowers on the table? Yes please.

Fresh flowers on the table? Yes please.













The street location was quiet on a Saturday, the comfortably full cafe mostly serving locals within walking distance from what I could learn from eave-dropping. My party had a table booked and we were shown to a semi-detached room where we had our own space but were still part of the café. Like many shops and cafes around Brisbane, this café had once been residential and the size and shape of many of the rooms, plus the central hallway helped to create the relaxed charm.

I was hungry as I walked to the café and ordered poached eggs that came on sourdough with relish. I was surprised at the price of the eggs (over $10) but pleasantly so when three eggs were served and I discovered that all of the breads are made on the premises (like many of the cakes and sweets). Ben stole an egg, as I would never have been able to eat all of them no matter how well they were cooked, and I had coffee- a soy iced latte, which unfortunately, like many of our table’s coffees, took a while to arrive.


Coffee descriptions differ from city to city and café to café, but most of the time, if you want a cold drink without the ice cream and cream, order an iced latte, not an iced coffee. Don’t you hate ordering an iced coffee on soy, only to get it with cream and iced cream? Such a pain (and really dumb on the part of the person who took your order and didn’t think to check). There were no issues like that, and everyone got their fancy, finicky and particular orders correctly made.

My friend ordered the fruit salad with Greek yoghurt and really enjoyed it. We whiled away lots of time and coffees reminiscing about her new start in a new place and our plans to go kayaking which we were planning on doing for 2+ years and never got around to doing! For someone on the other side of the river, it was definitely worth the walk over the bridge and up that bloody steep hill behind Roma Street to get there, and would be a great exercise/coffee combo on a Saturday morning.

I can’t wait to go back and work through the brekkie and lunch menus. You can check out their facebook page and pictures of their creations here.

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