A kingdom for a fridge

So not a kingdom, but a bucket load of money.

We haven’t had a fridge for about a week. First the fridge got warm, then the freezer became the fridge and the fridge got useless. We managed to eat things before anything went bad, but then we had no where for fresh vegetables.

For a week, we ate:

Sorka (I have no idea how Ben spells it). Besan (Chickpea flour) pancakes. Hmmmm… I will have to put a recipe up, it’s very addictive!

Mi Goreng. Shut up. I never buy them except for emergencies.

Baked potatoes


Rice cakes with peanut butter


It was a bit repetitive. By the end of the week, I was CRAVING fresh vegetables and green things, and did a big shop over the weekend so we can give our bodies a bit of a carb-overload rest. Lots of stir fries with tofu or cashews, Buddha bowls and smoothies.

I’ve decided, in honour of me honouring my kidney, liver and bowels this week, I’m going to take a picture of my dinner and post them here daily. Plus, after eating so many addictive, scrummy simple carbohydrates, it will keep me honest!

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