So Stokehouse was a friend’s suggestion. And it was a good evening. Stokehouse is the closest you can get to the river on Southbank and not be eating wet food. It’s also the last restaurant before the Goodwill Bridge. We were hoping for 180 degree river views, but the weather had other ideas. There was a heater but it went off, on again, then off and stayed off. We weren’t sure why, but we moved to a table a little further inside.

There were four of us eating. Ben and I wanted good nibbles and our friends wanted dinner. We ate at the Stoke Bar, although there is a proper sit down restaurant as well.


We started with drinks. Unfortunately, there is no online cocktail menu, but the drinks were standard Brisbane cocktail prices- about the $14-$18 mark. I was on a budget, so my friend suggested the Peach Ginger Punch- a “4 serves” jug of cocktail to share. We had about four glasses each and it was really nice. It would be better in summer, but it was a lovely cocktail and was great value.

The prices here are Southbank prices- you’re paying for the real estate as well as the food. We paid $9 for a modest serve of breaded Spanish olives with 3 cheeses and aioli. They weren’t as cheesy as we thought, but they were delicious and the aioli was amazing. Luckily, we had two serves of it, because it was also served with the chips with chilli salt ($9). There was generous lashings of salt which was not hot, but definitely built on you and went really well with the aioli. Our friends had wagyu burgers, which they felt were small at $16 a burger with no chips, but they ordered some on the side. We didn’t order it, but we noticed there was a vegetarian tasting plate at $25 which had three share plates.

Dessert was out of our budget this time ($15-$18 or $25 for cheese) so we just finished our drinks and wandered home.


Overall? It was a nice night with good service. We ordered our drinks and food at the bar with nice bar staff. It was cold and it would have been nice for the heater to be on the whole time (or at least explained to the people who had obviously sat near it), but this venue is obviously designed to be open air, so wear a jacket if it’s winter and night time! The prices made me think that I would only go here with friends, but the food itself would make me happy to go.

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