So this post is overdue, but I went here for a friend’s birthday.

Online, there were three vego options, but in the restaurant, there were two. Guess which one I had wanted? Actually, I went to check whether this had been corrected on their website, but it still hasn’t. Just so you know, you couldn’t order the Corba (lentil and fennel soup) when I went there.

Never mind. Menu error aside, this is a very veg friendly place. There are lots of starters and sides ($9-$15), such as dips and breads, that will fill you up. Even vegans will find something to eat here, because many of the non-vegan ingredients are super-easy to spot. They have meze plates as well, and the Caravanserai Meze ($25) is vegetarian (and vegan if the dolma [dolmades] are vego and you omit the feta). Super easy to manage.


Ben and I ordered the two vego mains. I wasn’t super happy with the prices ($26.50 each) because they were actually more expensive than a few of the meaty mains. Ben had Sebze- mushrooms, polenta and haloumi with spinach and a yoghurt dressing. I would have thought that anything with mushrooms AND polenta AND haloumi was going to be life changing, and although it was very good, it lacked a certain something I was hoping for considering the price range. But let’s face it, haloumi is always good.

I had the Ispanak Borek. Filo pastry with spinach and feta with a Turkish salad and yoghurt dressing. The filo was good. The salad was mostly quinoa and dried fruits. I hate dried fruits but that’s my own damn fault. My criticism is that I was hoping for veggies as my salad, not a starchy side.  The quinoa overall was flavoured really nicely. There were no other vegos at the dinner, but people liked their meals. I think a few people found it a bit exotic but pleasant.


I think most Turkish places worth their salt have good vego and vegan (or at least easily modified to be vegan) options. the staff were nice and answered questions happily.

In my own price range, I would go buy a haloumi kebab. In a birthday situation, this is a very communal, fun option with great ambiance and staff.
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