Raw Brownies

I love chocolate. A lot. Like, a lot. So when I discovered a super easy, good for you brownie, I knew life had changed. Rather than posting the recipe myself, I’m going to direct you to Sarah at My New Root’s brownie recipe. I’ve made it a dozen times now, it’s a killer Gluten Free offering, freezes well and really hits the spot when you need chocolate but don’t want to eat a whole block. Or maybe you do. Either way, go check them out and try them. You just need a food processor. I often make this recipe and make smaller balls (nearly 2 dozen) so I have a calorie controlled snack (because this many nuts can be very calorific).

Sarah is one of my favourite food bloggers (you’ll be able to see why from her funny yet informative writing and amazing photography) and is preggers, so wish her all the best while you’re there.

I have imagined this being pressed into a spring form pan as the base of a naughty cheesecake one day, but am not yet ready the take the plunge.

Enjoy! (And ‘scuse the toes in the picture!)


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