So I’ve been holding off on this post for a while. Why? Well, last year when Champ was very recently open, I went to Champ with two friends and an awesome baby for lunch. The decor and view are beautiful- very cool open air dining. Unfortunately, we found a few things a bit off, such as a ready-made pie taking a long time to come out and a meaty pizza coming out veg (which wouldn’t worry me, but it wasn’t my pizza!). We put it down to teething problems, smiled and got on with our day. It didn’t matter. I still had me a good iced soy coffee.

That is a nice pasty lid right there.

That is a nice pasty lid right there.

This year I went to Champ and had half an experience. I say half, because although we were seated, we decided to get up and move on. Embarrassing, no? By now, I had hoped that the first month jitters would be over with, and they are, but I guess I don’t like what Champ has become. Firstly, I’m not sure about it’s target demographics. Located opposite the Brisbane Eye, below the new(ish) Brisbane ABC studios and next to the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, the menu is decidedly expensive and high brow. This on its own is cool, but doesn’t fit in with its day crowd.

By night, people will want their menu– it’s posh and lovely looking and perfect for pre-show dining. During the day, however, I don’t see many people wanting to eat $12-42 meals, averaging at about $18 for a share plate and $32 for a main. There were a variety of fresh vego options to choose from. There were no baked good out when I was there, but the sweets menu was all $16. I just wouldn’t pay that for a coffee and cake experience. Their breakfast menu looks more affordable and aimed at people passing to go to work or tourists wanting a light brekkie, but I guess what I find “off” is the lunch menu.

Southbank is pricey, I totally get it, but if Champ could manage an affordable, approachable lunch menu and keep some of their more splashy fare for dinner, I think they’d fill the many empty tables I keep passing.

I hate to give a negative review, but I have to, and it seems that others on urbanspoon feel the same way. It’s such a gorgeous location, I would still pop in their for a drink and a view from time to time.

Good coffee, but great glassware and crockery! (Is it wrong that I notice these things?)

Good coffee, but great glassware and crockery! (Is it wrong that I notice these things?)

Have you ever felt this way about a restaurant or cafe? Please share!
Champ Kitchen + Bar on Urbanspoon

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