Corn Fritters- Frit on!

So I am yet to perfect corn fritters. The problem is me. I can never decide whether I want a lot of corn or a lot of batter. It’s a fine balance between hanging all your kernels together and having a frying pan full of loose corn (damn that corn, can’t it keep it in it’s pants?).


This is a recipe from the first cookbook I ever owned. I bought it on the first warehouse and sales shopping trip I went on with my mum. Some women had hired a bus and were going to all the discount factories in Melbourne. I think the cookbook was my first purchase on the whole trip. It was about $5 and water damaged, so I had to carefully pry apart each of the pages, some of which didn’t fare so well and needed healing. But I loved it and it went into my (sort of) glory box and there have been a few solid recipes I have turned to over the years- such as my first ever pasta sauce and my go-to carrot cake recipe that even impresses my lovely mother-in law- and, even now, I’m looking at some of the recipes and thinking “Hey, I’m gonna make that today”. Maybe I will even bother.


So this is the recipe I’ve been using for a while now. It’s reliable and the fritters don’t fall apart. They refrigerate nicely and eve freeze well. I love them with tomato sauce or tomato relish. You could serve them with anything though: salsa, kidney beans in a tomato sauce, chili, poached eggs, guacamole, the list of delishiousness doesn’t end. When I was vegan, I would veganise this with egg-replacer- the equivalent of two eggs. You could probably also use corn flour. Obviously, you’d use the non-dairy milk of your choice, but I use soy.


1 1/4 cup plain flour

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp ground coriander

1/4 tsp cumin (I use way more because I am addicted)

130g (4 1/4oz) can drained corn

130g (4 1/4oz) can creamed corn

1/2 cup milk

2 eggs, lightly beaten

2 tbls chopped fresh chives (I have never used these, as I never have chives on hand)

Oil, for shallow frying (these days, I use a spray)



  • Sift all your dry ingredients together and make a well in the middle.


  • Add all your wet ingredients, and S&P t taste and mix until it’s all combines. Add a touch more milk if your batter is too thick.


  • Heat your oil in a frying pan and then drop spoons of mixture into the pan and flatten if need be. Let them sizzle until you can see the bottom and sides begin to solidify (~2 mins, depending on your heat) and then flip. Drain on paper towel if needed. Best warm.


Bon Appetit (sorry to be so corny).


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