So yes, I must begin by saying that’s how Tempo spells cafe. Just so you know.


Tempo is a West End Boundary Street option which offers street dining where other cafes sometimes don’t have the room. We went for an indulgent Saturday lunch and it didn’t disappoint. We ate out the front but I’ve also grabbed a juice inside before. Outside you are going to have the glory of West End walk by and curious birds hoping for a crumb, so if you want solitude, head into the cave-like interior.


Tempo advertises itself as Turkish, but the lunch menu is mostly modern Australian cafe fare, although dinner is more traditional Turkish. If you look up Tempo on Urbanspoon, you might notice there are two entries. One is rated 86% and the other 68%. Weird. I think it’s the difference between lunch and dinner. The dinner diners rave and the lunch diners smile politely or dislike the slow service.

Well we didn’t have dinner but we found Tempo pleasant. I ordered the Haloumi burger and chips with a juice and Ben ordered a vego brekkie with a beer. Yeah, I know, brekkie with beer. Men.


Service wasn’t fast but it certainly wasn’t anything to complain about on the day we went there. Having said that, we were having a late-ish lunch at about 1.30/2pm. My juice was freshly made and refreshing, and any beer is good to Ben, although he didn’t like the selection very much and ended up drinking Heineken. Never his first choice. Although I have recently written about how Turkish is great for vegan options, the lunch menu was a little more limited. Despite that, there was still a vegan brekkie- very cool!

Ben’s breakfast was huge and delicious. There’s a piece of haloumi hiding under there somewhere.


Ben’s only criticism is that it was a but oily, as you can see by the shiny avocado. My burger was exactly what I felt like- solid noms and carbs that hit that cheesy, potatoey spot one feels from time to time (which is why I love spaetzel and cheesy gnocchi so much).

IMAG1203Overall, Tempo gave us a break from the cafes and restaurants we often wander into without thinking. It wasn’t life-changing, but it was generous portions and standard West End prices (read: medium). It’s probably somewhere I’d prefer to go to with friends but wouldn’t go to with Ben regularly. We were full, happy, sitting in the sun and full of haloumi.

‘Nuff said.
Tempo Cafe on Urbanspoon

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