Happy Saturday

So it might be a little cloudy, but nevertheless it’s a good weekend to celebrate your wedding anniversary.



You know what I love about this picture? The egg is on Ben’s homemade sourdough bread, plus who can resist crunchy salt?


Today we are indulging in simple pleasures:

  • Head over to Simply Good dry foods to restock our many types of beans. I feel kidney beans in a rich tomato sauce coming on.
  • Walk into the city to do some window shopping. My wardrobe is looking decidedly shabby and what I wear to work has become very  French (about 3 outfits worn different ways). Normally I love the French but my go-to pinstripe pants from CUE’s 2005 range are looking a little threadbare and showing one’s derriere is never chic.
  • Wandering down to the Swiss Deli on Boundary street for some cheese. I want to try more of the Portuguese sheep’s cheese I tried last weekend.

Who knows what else? I suppose we’ll make plans for our anniversary Sunday but they will be very modest.

Enjoy your weekend.

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