Yoghurt for the culture vulture.

So is that the most terrible title ever or what? Suggestions for edits welcome.

A while back, I posted the process for yoghurt making. I didn’t add photos, because I didn’t have any at the time. So, to accompany the instructions, here are my pics.

Don’t be nervous about making your own yoghurt. It’s easy, yummy and has saved us a LOT of money over the last two months as it’s basically served as our only other protein source besides beans. We have figured that it costs between $1-2 per litre of yoghurt since we started using dairy milk again. For soy, probably $2-3. It’s common knowledge these days that eating cultured food is beneficial for our health. It can easily be vegan if you don’t mind a thinner yoghurt, as milk powder serves as the thickener. We’ve also found that if you just use milk powder milk, you don’t need to heat your milk and let it cool, you just make the milk, heat to 45 degrees and add your culture (leftover yoghurt from last batch). This also makes the thickest yoghurt.

When I started yoghurt making, one of the things that worried me was keeping everything at the right temperature. This isn’t hard in summer- we just put it on the balcony- but in winter it was challenging. At our new place our hot water system is in a cupboard in the kitchen. There’s just enough space in there to put the jaffle iron… or our yoghurt. The temperature is between 40 and 45 degrees. Perfection.

If my outstanding photography doesn’t convince you, perhaps the picture of the final product served with almonds and a blob of my mum’s quince jelly will convince you.


















Let me know if you plan to have a go or if you have and questions.


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