So it’s no secret that I like quieter places to eat and drink. When I don’t have to go to Boundary Street Hotel because they have some of the cheapest beers in West End, I enjoy Archive with Ben and a couple of friends who drink beer. I don’t drink beer, but enjoy Archive during the week because they are quieter, have pool and most importantly, have walls covered with Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics. That someone would cut these up for wallpaper is a tragedy, but it means that while I avoid playing pool, I have beautiful walls to read and stare at. I must look a little special.


In the worlds of the beer drinker: “The beer’s good, it’s got couches, it’s comfortable. The people aren’t always nice, [some are] kind of snobby… I like that there’s pool tables”.


During the weekend and some evenings, be prepared for a dinner crush (they pair beer recommendations with their food) and then a uni-aged crush later into the night. This of course, will suit many people just fine. During the day, it’s a good place for a lunch time beverage.


While not ridonkulously vego-friendly, you can still get some good noms and snacks. Currently, there’s a pasta and pizza option for larger serve-seekers and a salad and finger food for lighter fare. The pizza is margherita so not suitable to simply remove cheese to create a vegan option. As a place that promotes beer over everything else, there are lots of hearty non-veg options floating past you during mealtimes, so if this isn’t for you, then you are now forewarned. The prices on my photo are now a little off- the beer-battered fries and Turkish bread are now cheaper, the garlic bread is now a garlic pizza and is a little more.



Most bottled beers start from about $7 although there are a few cheaper light beers as well. If you’re a beer fan, you will be well looked after with their reserve and imported beer menus and can pay as much for a beer as you want!


Archive Beer Boutique and Bistro on Urbanspoon

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