So we went to Lucky Duck on Gladstone Road today for some lunch. They open from 8-1 on weekends and even though we turned up at 12.30, they were happy to make food, which was really nice.


Silly me. Turn the page and there are the snacks.


I like it how they are happy to cater for vegos and remark about the substitution up front.


We ordered a latte and an iced latte, both on soy and I ordered a Breakfast Puck, which is a muffin with bacon and egg, so of course I had the haloumi substitution. I wanted to order a Canadian Bomb milkshake but with my recommendation to reduce sugar (I’m not pre-diabetic or anything it will just help some health areas), this might not happen anytime soon. Any Brisbanites who want to go and document the experience in the comments section would be greatly appreciated!


The guy at the counter was nice and we sat just inside the window, which opens right up with the door making the front of the cafe nice and open. There were about 3 tables outside that could cater for 15-20 on stools and about 5 tables inside that could cater for 2-3 people each.


There were three groups ahead of us and two people working and there was a bit of a gap between the arrival of Ben’s coffee and mine. Unfortunately, mine came out hot but was happily replaced with an apology. They had also run out of English muffins for the Breakfast Puck and offered to put it in a tortilla wrap, which was just fine by me. I felt like it was getting too close to closing time but they were not rushing us and were still making food for another table so all was good and we waited for the food.


There was a calm vibe about the cafe despite being on a busy road and things like the chess set were laid out for people to while away time. When my wrap came out, it was bacon, so it was again back to the counter and again, they were very nice and apologetic and said they’d fix it straight away.


When the food came out, it was delicious and was served with a free cookie as further apology (Ben ate it). The wrap, which was basically upgraded to one of two Breakfast wraps, was haloumi, a fried egg, grated cheddar and relish. It was delicious and would normally be $8 had I ordered it off the menu (I also liked how I wasn’t charged for them running out of muffins, that is increasingly rare to find).


It was a lazy Saturday arvo and the mistakes didn’t phase me. Had it been a quick mid-week lunch bite, I could understand someone getting upset. I’ve been to places where things like this have happened and you feel horrible for pointing out errors (I tend to feel that way anyway because, back in the day as a waitress, I was mortified if/when I mucked up so I know how it feels) but at Lucky Duck it was handled really well. Ben enjoyed the coffee and liked that there were affordable eats for under $10.


Overall, I think Lucky Duck had an unlucky day but had good food and coffee and professional, friendly staff who dealt with the mistakes in a way that made me want to go back and give them another chance. I will definitely do a short follow up post over the next few months to see how they go next time. I want to be fair rather than nasty for the sake of it, and getting grumpy only increases my blood pressure, so we’ll see what happens next time and find out whether this was typical or not.

Who can be unreasonable to people who are nice to dogs?


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