So there are so many coffee places in West End it can be hard to figure out where to go. I tend to opt towards busy places at quiet times- you know people go there for good coffee but you get peace and can savour your drink. Ugees just does coffee. I was introduced to this place a few years ago by a Parisian friend- considering the French don’t do the best coffee, this information might not be helpful.

Regardless, I like Ugees coffee, especially their soy iced coffee, because they have generous servings and don’t skimp the quality of the coffee just because you want it cold. They don’t serve breakfast or lunch, just coffee, drinks, and a few sweet things on the counter. There’s cool decor and hoards of tiny stools to sit on inside and out, so it’s basically hipster paradise. You know it’s good though when you see the office crowd braving tiny stools for coffee.

As a West-Ender, it’s the kind of place you run into friends, which we happened to do on this occasion.

The fact that it has stood the test of time on Boundary Street tells me all I need to know.
Ugees West End on Urbanspoon

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