So I first went to Kobblers last year before it was named and sometimes simply referred to as Scotty’s (the owner).

Kobblers is nestled on the corner of Simpsons Road and Morgan Terrace in Bardon. Unless you live right near there, you probably wouldn’t know it existed. I would never have known if it wasn’t for my sister. I love Bardon for its tall trees and surprisingly old pockets and that’s why there’s curb appeal for Kobblers- the building and adjacent shops (a thift shop and an architecture firm) are old charming buildings.


Sitting on granny pillows in an old shop window, we watched tiny red-chested birds wheel about and perch in the verandah rafters and a lady and her four kids came in to buy ice cream. There’s also a drinks fridge with a curious combination of energy drinks and old-fashioned soft drink. But that’s Kobblers all over. Nothing matches and that’s why it’s interesting.

Since January, Kobblers has expanded its seating area and now is a Food Connect pick up point. There is a bit of food sold here but I think people really come for the drinks. Like coffee.

I really, really like their coffee. I ordered an iced latte and Ben a hot. Both on soy. Considering Brisbane has started heating up for the summer, I think I ordered well. I love the fruitiness of their beans. They may have changed, but I believe they use Blackstar beans.

Ben was not as impressed because they added sugar to his latte. I was asked when ordering if I wanted sugar in the coffee (I thought he just meant my iced latte) and I said no. Ben got it anyway and was pretty ticked off about it (although he’s enjoyed coffee here in the past). Either that or Kobblers stocks the sweetest beans we’ve ever tried. We thought this was a bit odd as we were still given spoons and the table had sugar. Nonetheless, my ice latte was really good and I know Ben would go back because we’ve had great coffee here in the past.

The hours and days can change a bit because it’s a small operation. I recommend following their Facebook page (link above) for updates.


I love the ramshackle wholesomeness of Kobbler and, despite sugar, think they serve a darn good coffee.


Kobblers Cafe on Urbanspoon

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