Jacarandas. A Brisbane thing.

So there’s this tree that blooms up here in Queensland called a Jacaranda and they’re bright purple and you know you’re getting towards the end of the year/semester/term when they start blooming.

They’re blooming now.

IMAG2778There’s a park in Yeronga called Jacaranda Park (creative, I know) that for 10 months of the year is a boring, square park with trees around the edge but at the moment looks AMAZING because Jacaranda flowers fall and create a beautiful purple carpet on the grass.

I know they grow elsewhere, but to me Jacarandas are a quintessential Brisbane thing.

They’re beautiful, they’re everywhere and they make me very happy. If you’re a Briswegian, do you know of any cool Jacaranda pockets blooming at the moment?

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