So I’ve been to Rumpus Room a fair few times over the years. The most memorable was definitely a 29th Birthday party where we had hired a party bus and frantically drove all over Brisbane to some of the best and worst bars whilst playing party games. At Rumpus Room, the game was simple: if someone put their head on the floor, everyone else had too as well. The last person to put their head on the floor had to drink a shot. It was a complex game.


This time as the Rumpus Room was much more tame but still lots of fun- we arrived during happy hour (5 until 7) and had many $5 wines and beers and a few $10 cocktails. My sister-in-law and I checked out every guy in the bar (sorry if you were subjected to our oggling) and debated who looked like a decent person for my sister-in-law. I thought there were some interesting looking guys but she wasn’t impressed. I once came here with a friend who was them chatted up by three guys in 20 minutes! Maybe my S-I-Law needed to be there a little later.

Rumpus Room is open later than most West End bars (most close at about midnight) and has a good mix of people- diverse ages, subcultures and styles. I miss the giant bean bags. Those things were FUN (but probably grotty).


I like it.

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