So we were visiting Mum and Dad and caught up with a friend at The Chopping Block Cafe (the same friend who made us quinoa maple hazelnut muffins!) before she had to go to work .


We had a quick catch up without food, just coffees. Ben had a latte, Friend had tea, I had a mocha. We all oggled the menu board (for next time?) and the display cabinet.

We were lucky we ordered when we did, because this is a busy place on the weekend! You line up to order but meals and drink are brought out to you.

We all enjoyed our drinks. It had been ages since I’ve had a mocha and this was was nice. Love the freckle with your drink! my friend had to wait a while for her cake, but the staff were very nice and apologetic when we inquired. Curious to try the food properly next time.


*Urbanspoon link will be updated when The Chopping Block gets added*. Thanks for your patience (but feel free to remind me).

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