Homespun gifts

So I love thinking of gifts! I try not to let the birthday ball drop just because Christmas is all over the place. I’m sure that you’ve been caught out buying someone a present because you just had to get them something and the “what” you got them took second place. I know I have. So for a friend’s birthday recently who loves natural skin care (we have actually covered our faces in green clay in the name of fun and skincare even though I came out in a rash) I wanted to get her something she would like:

  • A bamboo scrubber mitt
  • Coconut and brown sugar scrub
  • Oatmeal and honey soap
  • Rosewater spray

She assures me the coconut scrub left her face baby smooth. It’s so nice discovering your friends have yet another thing in common with you- reminds you why you’re destined to help each other bury bodies together one day. This isn’t really homemade but it’s homespun. Is that close enough?


In a noodle box to look extra cute! (And maybe because all my wrapping paper has Christmas pictures on it).

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