I’m a 20 something Brisbanite with a passion for food, cooking, style, and of course, Brisbane.

IMAG0798I’ve been Getting There Vego since I was a teenager, Vegetarian from 2003/4 and was Vegan for three years (2006-2008). These days I’m a vegetarian with some vegan inclinations and still get great delight out of cooking, eating and ordering good quality vegan food. I dislike restuarants that say they’re “Vegetarian friendly” only to serve two options swimming in cheese or egg. I have eaten my way around a large portion of Brisbane and hope to document some of my old favourites and new discoveries. I also hope to play around with vegetarian, vegan and raw cooking and you can watch my successes and disasters as they unfold.

My partner in crime and husband, Ben, will probably accompany my on many of these journeys and is a great cook, breadmaker and judge of food.

I also hope to share some photos of Brisbane, street fashion and style as I see it around town.

I do not get fees, wages or freebies. Everything on BVV is my own opinion. I’ll be sure to state clearly if this ever changes.

Will you join me for dinner, window shopping and a stroll around Brisneyland?

Bris Vegas Vego Brisbane restaurants

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  1. Polaroid Suitcase. says:

    I am really enjoying reading through your blog, and thus, have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award: http://polaroidsuitcase.wordpress.com/2014/05/20/the-versatile-blogger-award/

    Happy writing x

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