Blogs I follow and love:

Ramshackle Glam– following a former NYC mum, chatting about decorating and fashion. I love Jordan’s confidence and over the past couple of years she has really given me the confidence to explore my own personal style.

Down to Earth– Possibly the antithesis of the above blog, Rhonda is one of Australia’s most popular bloggers and writes about her beautiful simple life philosophy. She also has an amazing book from Penguin Australia and is a Queensland local living just up the coast from me. Many of her recipes and ideas feature on this blog.

My New Roots– Possibly the nicest food blog around. Sarah writes all about delicious, healthy seasonal cooking and is also the source of my excellent raw brownies. Yummmm

Fragrant Vanilla Cake– Superb raw cake recipes

James & Matt– are Delicious, Regardless. Two Brissie boys with a love of food who now have their own cake company which supplies to some of Brisbane’s best vego places. (Edit: They made my friend’s birthday cake this year- vegan chocoalte mud cake- and it was divine!)

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