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Easter as a bantamweight belly

But this year I got to celebrate the awesomeness of huge and inexplicable stomach pains. Every time I forgot I can’t each rich foods, I paid for it.

I’ve had to go back to basics.

-Warm lemon water upon waking

-Home crushed fresh veggie juices during the day

-Peppermint tea in the evening.


I have no idea what I can eat yet, I have a feeling it’s going to include lots of soups and salads.

Going from Madam Iron Stomach to bantamweight belly is really tough- I’m not used to being sick or having pain so it teaches you a lot.

When I was travelling with friends to Stanthorpe and this started, it taught be I had to balance how I feel with the group- should I stay home or soldier on? What will impact their holiday fun the least while looking after myself?

Now that I’m home and have access to my juicer, blender, kitchen and healthier food, being sick has taught be to appreciate and use these things.

It’s reaffirmed that my husband is seriously the nicest guy around. I mean it. I was in the shower last night and he- put the lamp on in the bedroom and turned the ceiling light off, turned the sheets down, got my phone and put it next to the bed, heated up a rice pack and put it in the bed to wait for me. Then went back to drinking beer, listening to Spotify and watching YouTube videos into the night. Clone this man.

It’s taught me appreciation for one of the friends I was travelling. She has constant un-treatable stomach pain for which she has had time off work and lives with every day. I tip my hat to people living in pain every day. I don’t know how they do it. I couldn’t.

I’ve received a big lesson in listening to your body. If I stop listening for one second at the moment, my body lets me know it’s not happy.


We’ll see if I’m a good student or not.

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Cranking up My Breakfast: Are Eggs for Me?

So I don’t know about where you live, but in Australia a mid week breakfast tends to be toast or cereal. Maybe yoghurt or muesli or oats if you’re a bit fancy. A piece of fruit? Perhaps.

Upon selecting these photos, perhaps I’m a breakfast person after all.

We save cooked breakfasts for the weekend.

For a long time, breakfast for me was fruit or yoghurt. I couldn’t stand the thought of more in my tummy that early in the morning.

My trainer, however, had other ideas. He’s actually a guy from work and a bit amazing. He trains me and some other colleagues once a week. It was his idea for me to give up sugar. He’s also a protein advocate and not vegetarian. He knows that I am self conscious about my “grain belly” but is not an advocate of cutting wheat and grains from your diet- only refined, poor quality grains.

The other day he ask me, “How many eggs do you eat a day?”

I blinked. I was vegan for three years. I really don’t like eggs that much. Now cheese. Cheese I’m on board with. Eggs still freak me out.

“Umm… I have two a week. On the weekend”.

Cue eye boggling.

My trainer’s response? Eat 4-5 eggs a day. A DAY.

I get it. Protein is important. We all know that protein is needed for regenerating tissue in the body. But you don’t have to look far to find a vegan or vegetarian who will tell you that you don’t need animal protein in your diet.  More and more mainstream sources are suggesting we are careful about our animal protein intake because of the other health risks this can inflate.

So I told him I would try and went away to reflect and research it.

There’s more and more evidence to suggest that healthy adults (tee hee. I’m an adult) don’t need to worry about eggs contributing to heart disease or high cholesterol. So that’s good.

But 4 or 5 eggs a day?

If you read any of the links above, you’ll see that one, maybe two eggs were the recommended amount. Does that mean I should eat the rest in egg whites? What do you do with the spare yolk? I’m not chucking that out. What do you do with it (seriously, comments below appreciated).

Furthermore (and I know this link is to an Oprah article and therefore may not be as reliable as the Harvard or Mayo Center links) there’s the sensible idea that if you’re eating more eggs, you’re probably eating fewer wholegrain serves.

So what’s a girl to do?

Well, the first thing is to get that one a day. And I have for the last four weeks. Here’s my new breakfast wrap (Parmesan is a good source of calcium, an egg cooked without oil and greens on a wholemeal wrap).

I like my whites solid (I hate uncooked egg white) and my yolks runny for a good dose of lecithin,

If I have the chance to eat another egg or eggs, then sometimes I take it, sometimes I don’t. I know that even though my weight hasn’t changed yet, my muscle mass is increasing and I’m getting lots of comments from people noticing (vain, I know). When I go to the doctor’s for a checkup next month, I’ll be sure to have a blood test and get my cholesterol levels measured to make sure daily eggs work for me and my body.

My trainer is not an idiot. He knows that I don’t have to worry about cholesterol from other food sources because, apart from a little dairy, my largely plant based diet is cholesterol free. I understand where he was coming from.

I don’t think I’m going to get to 4-5 eggs a day but for now my trainer will just have to live with that.

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