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Morning Sunshine!

So I try to be healthy, but I am terribly lazy. Living in an apartment also means I don’t feel like turning on the blender or juicer at 6 in the morning. I want my neighbours to like me. So when I saw this raw cacao chia pudding recipe on Pinterest that requires no equipment besides a tablespoons and a jar, I knew I had to try it.

I’ve never used chia before. I knew that when you soak them, they swell up and go gelatinous. Well they certainly did! They reminded me of tomato seeds with the gel sack around them. My breakfast gets made while I’m asleep and I can eat it at home or take it to work. Chia is so darn good for you, I can’t believe I haven’t tried it before. I think I’ve found a good 2014 breakfast to obsess over.




2 tbs chia seeds (I used white chia, which is actually grey)

1 cup milk (I used homemade almond milk [always using Sarah B’s recipe] but you don’t have to be that committed).

I tbs raw cacao (I used two because I apparently can’t read recipes)

Sweetener of your choice (I used raw honey from Stanthorpe but of course you could use a vegan option)

Add-ins of your choice (I used banana and coconut, but will be buying blueberries and strawberries soon. I would also add sunflower or pepitas or chopped almonds, but I already added almond pulp, as you can read below).


My other variation:

As I had just made almond milk, I added two tablespoons of the almond pulp leftover from that. It adds some bulk and nutrients and means that the almond pulp doesn’t go to waste (although it’s a great addition to hummus as well).



Stick everything but the fruit/coconut in a jar. Shake well (very well!). Leave in fridge overnight and then add fruit or other add ins of your choice. Use a bigger jar than me. I was adding sliced banana bit by bit. I’ll have to find a good sized jar to take this to work in.

What does it taste like?

Hmmm… well as I said, I added too much cacao, so it had this intense, dark chocolate flavour. The bitterness of the cacao was perfect with the sweetness of the banana. I’d use less cacao just to stretch it further next time. You can never hoard too much cacao.




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So I’m in love. I love raw food places because you can feel the care in the food. I’m serious! Nothing can be “slapped together” in a raw food cafe because everything is a process- blending, chilling, dehydrating, marinating, etc.

Orawgi (meaning Organic, Raw and low GI) is run by the supremely talented Jamie Louise Stevenson. I like to think her parents read her Treasure Island as a child. It’s actually located inside another building- BioSolar- on Ipswich Road in Wooloongabba. Their Facebook page is here and the owner also runs the yoga studio next door.


The decor is white and bright but a lot of fun. I forgot to take a picture of the wall that was just black and white photo frame wallpaper with the staff’s colour photos stuck on it, but it was very cute. There were quite a few people there and the three staff were bustling and busy.

Ethics is the name of the game here. Everything is vegan (except for honey in smoothies) and organic and made in the store. It’s not cheap, but when you consider the labour that goes into making an organic dehydrated pizza base or quiche or bagel, it’s worth it! Take away containers are biodegradable and non-plastic wherever possible.


I oggled the display cabinet but decided upon the pizza straight away. I think most of the meals were $15 but a lunch deal is $20 and includes either a drink or something sweet. I ordered The Jefferson Special smoothie (walnuts, protein powder berries and honey) with my lunch and it also came with salad. I had the garden salad and the kale salad (although you can just have one or the other if you want). This might not look like a huge serve, but I was FULL by the time I’d finished.

That is not a real orange. It is my "magical orange" which will summon my meal when ready. Hehehe

That is not a real orange. It is my “magical orange” which will summon my meal when ready. Hehehe

The salads were tasty- the kale one had purple carrots and a Asian soy-ish flavoured dressing with lots of sprouts and seeds. Fresh.

How do I describe raw pizza? Hmmm… well the veggies included tomato, capsicum and florets of broccoli (trust me when I say that broc on a pizza can work!) on a crispy base. The base is made from nuts that are made into a “dough”, rolled thin and then dehydrated (dried without cooking) until crispy. The sauce was amazing- it tasted like sun-dried tomatoes and perhaps capsicum buzzed up in a Vitamix blender until super-fine and smooth. There was also a drizzle of cashew sauce- cashews, garlics and I’d have to guess perhaps some nutritional yeast- which serves as the “cheese”. This is not Dominos people, this is nutrient dense food that tastes great.


I also ordered a brownie to take away but they were all out so I had the chocolate and salted caramel tart. It’s a hard life. Even though it has coconut oil/butter in it, it lasted all the way home via the fruit and veg shop without turning into a gloopy mess. I don’t know what I liked more: the base or the toppings.


The verdict?

Can you marry a shop?
Orawgi on Urbanspoon

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Raw Cashew Cream Dreamcake

So I know I’ve covered Raw Brownies recently, and maybe this will be the last raw recipe for a while. This is yet another recipe from the clever Sarah of My New Roots. Making this was my sister’s idea. It was a good one. I’ve included my, lesser quality pictures here, but the recipe is here on Sarah’s website. The pink layer comes from berries and the base is nuts and dates. It’s great vegan recipe and could be a great summer birthday cake.


Best tip: Cling wrap lining the tin. Makes it come out of the pan easily if you don’t have a spring-form pan.

IMAG1434Serve with berries (ours are still frozen but no less delicious).

IMAG1438All the pretty layers. Ok, so ours isn’t as pretty, but it’s still good eating.


And none for Gretchen Wiener.

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Raw Brownies

I love chocolate. A lot. Like, a lot. So when I discovered a super easy, good for you brownie, I knew life had changed. Rather than posting the recipe myself, I’m going to direct you to Sarah at My New Root’s brownie recipe. I’ve made it a dozen times now, it’s a killer Gluten Free offering, freezes well and really hits the spot when you need chocolate but don’t want to eat a whole block. Or maybe you do. Either way, go check them out and try them. You just need a food processor. I often make this recipe and make smaller balls (nearly 2 dozen) so I have a calorie controlled snack (because this many nuts can be very calorific).

Sarah is one of my favourite food bloggers (you’ll be able to see why from her funny yet informative writing and amazing photography) and is preggers, so wish her all the best while you’re there.

I have imagined this being pressed into a spring form pan as the base of a naughty cheesecake one day, but am not yet ready the take the plunge.

Enjoy! (And ‘scuse the toes in the picture!)


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Love it.

At the moment, I’m drinking about 1/2 a litre of this stuff each day.

Enjoying beetroot, orange, lemon, carrot and apple.

Despite, when disassembled, looking like something from an Austen Power’s film (one receipt for a Swedish Penis Enlarger…), I love my juicer. It also makes pasta, ice cream and nut butter and is the slow, but good kind of juicer that keeps as much of the goodness in tact as possible.

Again: Love it.

I usually try to put something green in my juices. It’s amazing how you don’t taste celery, spinach, broccoli or kale when it’s whizzed up with apple or orange juice. I also do a sneaky and juice my carrots first, so in the fiber/ cast offs container, I get grated carrot which I then stick into salads. I did that yesterday with some of the beetroot as well. You can always add a couple of spoons of juice back into it if you want the extra liquid.

Colour = healthy!


No, not a Swedish penis enlarger







Perfect with poached eggs or on its own.


Easy to clean up









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I have been meaning to make this since I found it at Fragrant Vanilla Cake. Amy, the writer, is a raw cake genius. Her presentation skills alone make it worth having a look at.

One of the lovely things about making raw cakes, is that they often have few ingredients (so are really easy to share from memory). They are also great to make on hot days as there’s no need to turn on the oven. This is gluten free, dairy free, egg free and, if you change the sweetener, vegan. But it’s high in taste.






I made this yesterday because my sister came over for dinner. I was going to show you my yellow nutty noodles with broccolini, but it didn’t come out how I wanted it. Ben and my sister liked it, but I want to work on it more before I share it.

So, cake.


1.5 cups almonds (soaked in water overnight and rinsed) (if you live in a warm area and want to soak your almonds in the fridge, DON’T put them in the section of the fridge that freezes everything [pictured]. Sigh).

1.5 cups dessicated coconut

3 tbls honey (or golden syrup if you prefer a vegan cake)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 tsp sea salt


It’s pretty simple. Chuck it in a food processor and buzz it all up. Scrape down the sides if you need to (which you will need to do at least once to remove the honey from the processor bowl). If you have a small food processor, like I do, then you may want to do this in 2-3 batches. I found myself spooning out the less ground up mixture in the top, putting it aside, finishing the part on the bottom, and then swapping it over. I may also halve the recipe next time, as this made a lot of cake. I wanted a fairly flat cake, so I also made cake balls out of some of the mixture.

Hmmm. We’ll work on that.

To make a cake shape, you need a tin or plastic container. This doesn’t need the over, so just put it in whatever shaped container works for you. I used a plastic container so it could go straight into the fridge without fuss. To make sure it came out again in one piece, I put a tiny amount of veg oil in the container and spread it round, then added a spoon of coconut to the container and shook that around until it “lined” the container, much like one would grease and flour a cake tin.  It worked perfectly. Press in as much mixture as you want. Use your hands, a spoon or a glass’s bottom to press in firmly. Chill in the fridge 1 hour+.

And the result? Well, I think my excellent photography speaks for itself- it looks like moldy bread’s cousin. BUT it tastes really good, and we served it with Greek yoghurt, which had a great tang that worked with the dry coconut sweetness. It’s served here with honey and cinnamon as well.

I think the brown Pyrex really brings out the flecks of almonds (ok, so I’m working on crockery. This will take time!).











Amy at Fragrant Vanilla Cake iced hers with raw cashew icing. If you’d like it to look pretty, I’d try that. In the meantime, I’m eating some of this for breakfast.

What? It’s just like muesli.

Sort of.

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