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Love it.

At the moment, I’m drinking about 1/2 a litre of this stuff each day.

Enjoying beetroot, orange, lemon, carrot and apple.

Despite, when disassembled, looking like something from an Austen Power’s film (one receipt for a Swedish Penis Enlarger…), I love my juicer. It also makes pasta, ice cream and nut butter and is the slow, but good kind of juicer that keeps as much of the goodness in tact as possible.

Again: Love it.

I usually try to put something green in my juices. It’s amazing how you don’t taste celery, spinach, broccoli or kale when it’s whizzed up with apple or orange juice. I also do a sneaky and juice my carrots first, so in the fiber/ cast offs container, I get grated carrot which I then stick into salads. I did that yesterday with some of the beetroot as well. You can always add a couple of spoons of juice back into it if you want the extra liquid.

Colour = healthy!


No, not a Swedish penis enlarger







Perfect with poached eggs or on its own.


Easy to clean up









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