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Apparently you CAN hear “Let it Go” too many times

…and that was discovered on the 3 hour trip to Stanthorpe for wine touring with friends.

So Stanthorpe is a tiny town about 3 hours from Brisbane. It’s in a particularly rocky section of The Granite Belt region, unlike it’s bigger but blander neighbour Warwick, which is home to lots of south east Queensland’s farming.


Stanthorpe has wine.

Lots of it. And it’s cold, which means that Briswegians often pop over there in winter for a true cold experience.

Here’s some of our memories:


  • Sutton’s apples. Best apple pie ever and apple picking
  • Anna’s. Italian restaurant with 80s decor but the biggest portions of good food I have ever seen. No one finished their dinner.
  • Sommerville Valley Tourist Park and Resort. A little out of town, this place looks like a run of the mill caravan park and camping ground, but has waterfront cabins near the damn that are nicer than our apartment. With fireplaces. We’re already re-booked for one of my travel companion’s birthday.

The sky is so beautiful here.

Oh yeah, and we bought over a dozen bottles of wine and a case of microbrew. And cheese. And tapenade. And apples. And strawberries. Go here if you like food.

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