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DIY Maxi Skirt- fun with prints

So I caught the DIY maxi skirt craze.

I really wanted some long, modest skirts I could wear to work (I don’t have to dress corporate) that didn’t cost the earth.

I found some beautiful fabric at Spotlight and looked at a million Pinterest pages and then decided on following this method from Lady Melbourne.

It’s basically folding down the top of the fabric twice to make a space for elastic, folding it over and stitching the side seam, adding the elastic and sewing it in and finally, hemming to the length you like.

The problem with my fabric is that the pattern was facing the wrong way! I had to make a very slim cut skirt with only one seam (down the back) and, because I like walking, I made a slit in the back. This was done by unpicking (ugh. Won’t make that mistake next skirt) the side seam up to my knee, then folding over the edges of the fabric and hemming, followed by stitching the top of the slit a lot so it wouldn’t accidentally open as I traipse up stairs at work.

Ok, and when I say “I”, I mean “Ben” because I don’t know how to use a sewing machine, but my awesome seamster husband does. So I designed, cut and pinned it and Ben sews it like the awesome tailor he is. You can barely see where the fabric lines up. Wife-husband team win.


There are two more skirts to come. One of the other pieces of fabric (chevron print) also will be quite slim as a skirt and might need to be a pencil skirt, but the floral one should be all swooshy and lovely. I’ll post pictures as they are born.


This skirt looks good with a black top and brown or red belt, but also works with my grey singlet with leopard print skull. A big pair of sunnies, a top knot and a pair of boots and that’s all the attitude you need during an Aussie summer.

Why not make one (or dozens) for people for Christmas? Or just yourself.

Yeah, just yourself.

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Street Chic – September

So I’m terrible at dressing for summer. I wear layers and jeans far too late and wonder why I’m boiling. I love this girl’s outfit near the Cotton Tree markets on Sunday. The trilby and the blue ballet flats are too cute and although it’s hard to see, her cats eyes sunnies are amazing and look great on her face shape.


Cute and practical.

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This lovely lady was spotted in Archives on Boundary Street in West End. I love that her doll dress and boots are so early 90s, but her Peter Pan collar and sunnies make this very 2012. Plus, who doesn’t like a good patterned tight?

Thanks, Emma!

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STREET CHIC – September

So whenever I have the courage to approach strangers, I hope to post some Street Chic- outfits and people that are interesting, beautiful and different. I’m not necessarily looking for cutting edge fashion, I just love to see people showing their personality and style through their clothes. This is a positive space only and although we are all entitled to our opinions, negative posts that could make the model feel bad will not be tolerated.

First ever Street Chic: I loved Lucy’s hat partnered with the red dress.

Lucy at the Lock n Load, Boundary St.

Tres Chic.

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