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Moving forward

So 2012 was tough for this little BVV. New job position led to lots of personal issues and old ones being exacerbated. Moving house was a huge chore that we undertook in January, but in the end, despite rental issues and waiting for ever for Telstra to arrive (you know the feeling) we moved in, spent a lovely four weeks with my sister before she moved interstate and now feel settled and very happy. It was one of those decisions where we decided to pay more rent, even though I would be working four instead of five days this year. And it’s been totally worth it. 


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What the hell have you been up to?

So hey again,

What have I been up to since I last posted? (September I think)

-I’ve been eating at home a lot more

-I’ve moved house

-I’ve started a year of working 4 days a week (this is making me very happy)

-I’m doing some writing

-I’m having more fun spending less

-I’ve been having people over for dinner (including my parents for the first time in 4 years- yay for room to have a table!)

-I’ve been simplifying my life

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need” -Cicero

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