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Guest Recipe- Vegan(ish) Peach Cobbler

So I love chocolate sweets, yet who can resist seasonal fruit? In Australia, it’s winter, and thus not peach season, but here’s a post that will remind us southerners of summer and can be taken advantage of by my northern hemisphere readers at the end of peach season.



This recipe was made by my sister and I; a bit of kitchen cooperation we’d never tried before. Rather than re-type it, I’ll leave it in her charming handwriting (although she’s accidentally written “pears” instead of “peaches” in the recipe.



We ate it for breakfast and snacks for the next few days and even savoury-tooth Ben enjoyed it served with the tartness of a good natural yoghurt.

Putting on the topping. Cooperating and shit.

Putting on the topping. Cooperating and shit.


And finally: YUM. It’s super easy and as sister-dearest writes, honey can easily be swapped for agave or a similar substitution. It’s gluten free as the crumble has no oats, only nuts. Obviously, if you have a nut allergy, this isn’t the cobbler recipe for you!





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Food Porn

Some beautiful things that have been created over Xmas or at our new place. Please let me know if you’d like any recipes.

For copyright reasons, I can’t share any Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation recipes. But they’re pretty to look at!

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